Sunday, September 16, 2012

Watching My Garden Grow!

I'm happy to report my garden is growing like a bunch of weeds. Well, not everything, but the pepper plants, arugula, and basil look AMAZING!!! I'm so excited about how well everything is growing! Apparently, the compost we made is quite fertile!!

The Arugula, which needs to be transplanted.

I have found that basil does not do well in composted soil. It apparently needs a sunny place and potted in sandy soil. But it seems to be doing quite well!

My basil plants, those are some huge leaves!
I've now harvested my basil plants three times, and every time I do the leaves get bigger and bigger! They are huge this time!!

My second basil harvest.

Closer view of the huge leaves on this basil plant.

My pepper plants are the most impressive. I have 3 peppers growing on 2 different plants and about 3 more on the way.

This is the newest pepper to grow in, and its also the largest so far.

Pretty pepper plants! I love the leaves

This was the second pepper to grow in on the largest plant.

They are HUGE!!

I need to plant more veggies, but I'll have to wait until next spring. I don't have enough containers at the moment to replant new seedlings. But, at least we'll save some money on peppers, basil and arugula!! I had redina lettuce as well, but I think a few rabbits ate the leaves. I woke up one morning and half of them were gone!! If anyone has any ideas about how to keep rabbits out of a mini-garden, please leave a comment!!!

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