Friday, February 8, 2013

Life as a Vegan Mom

I haven't really done all that much with this blog, which is really a shame because I've come up with some great vegan recipes over the past year.

But I didn't have any direction, and I had no idea what I was doing. 

I was new to blogging, and being a WAHM in general. I quickly became overwhelmed with the typical duties of a mom such as cleaning, and taking care of our daughter. Like most people in the current economy we also had (and still have) our fair share of financial issues, which only added to the stress.

Our financial problems just seemed to spiral out of control after Greg (my husband) was injured at work. He was denied workman's compensation and the ensuing legal battle moved my freelance writing/blogging career to the back burner, and then off the stove entirely.

Greg still can't work, and we're still having financial difficulties, but I'm in a better place now. During the past year, I've learned quite a bit about how to be a vegan on food stamps, and how to remain a vegan even when you're completely broke and the cheapest food available is made from Goddess knows what.

It sucks.

But we got through it. I refused to go back to eating meat and so I found ways to avoid meat and all the processed crap. We still had nutritious, and more importantly, delicious meals despite the fact that we were (and are) living on a meager pittance courtesy of the state. But at least there's food on the table.

This is the filling for one of our favorite meals: Vegan Egg Rolls

I don't like to admit that we have to use EBT to purchase our food, no one does I suspect. But you have to do what you have to do in tough times, and times are really tough right now. I'm lucky enough to make a few hundred dollars a month to keep the lights on, but that's about it.

Still, we've somehow remained a family through it all, and we also managed to remain vegan.

So I'm changing the focus of this blog.

I'll still be posting recipes, but I'll also be adding a lot more. I know there are a number of moms out there who really want to go vegetarian or vegan, but think they can't because they think it's too expensive, they're on food stamps like we are or they just plain don't have the money. But it can be done.

I'm going to be adding vegan health news, juicing recipes, and shopping tips. I'm also going to share my experiences. Kids don't like vegetables, and even though my daughter is vegan, she's not all that happy about it. So I'll be sharing tips on how to make yummy meals your kids will actually eat along with ways to get them involved in the process.

This isn't going to be just another vegan recipe blog.

What do you want to read about on this blog? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. The blog looks great...good luck with your new focus. I think you'll gain lots of followers because so many people do want to follow a vegan lifestyle.