Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Make Your Own Pizza Night!

My husband had a great idea for dinner the other night. He was going to make pizza, but decided we should all make our own. So, he cut all the toppings, and made three different pizza crusts. It was a brilliant idea, and we all enjoyed arranging our toppings together. It was a great family activity! Mondays have now become “Make your own pizza” nights!

Veggies Cubed!
Greg cut up green peppers, yellow squash, tomatoes, onions and cubed some tofu for the toppings.
Hhmmm... Yummy homemade crust!

 Greg made a yummy crust with whole wheat flour in our bread machine. We added some basil for flavor too.

As you can see one of the pizzas is already complete. I had to take the photos, so I did mine first. Greg's putting the sauce on Sammy's pizza. We used regular spaghetti sauce, just plain old Prego traditional.

We added Tofu for protein. Sammy made her's into a smiley face at first. Then she realized the tofu would be under the cheese, so she just added more randomly!

Sam had a blast putting her tofu on the pizza.

Daddy helps out with a little more tofu.

We each picked our own toppings, but as you can see, Sam wasn't too keen on adding veggies to her pizza. So we made her pick a minimum of 4 veggies to put on it. This is what she came up with. 

She decided to add squash, broccoli, green peppers (they're already on her pizza) and tomatoes. I thought the tomatoes were a bit of overkill, but I put them on my pizza as well, and it was really yummy. A but messy though.

Time to add the cheese! We gave Sam a handful (okay two handfuls) of cheese. She covered her pizza with it; it looked like a blizzard.

All done!

We threw all three pizzas on a cookie sheet and baked them for about 20 minutes. They came out so yummy! The cheese was nice and golden brown around the edges, just like I like it.

They look scrumptious!

These were a great meal even though they weren't completely vegan. (Every now and then, indulging in cheese is nice.) We had plenty of leftovers (we love leftovers), and we all had a blast. I didn't have to cook dinner, which was really nice! Tonight's dinner is vegan sushi! Yum!

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