Sunday, May 27, 2012

Planting Our Garden

So, we planted a bit late this year. Things have been rough lately. But, I finally got everything seeded!! We started a compost pile in February and it looks amazing!

We picked up one of those Jiffy greenhouse starter kits which has 72 spots for seeds. I planted about 2 rows of each:

·Red Bell Peppers
·Redina Lettuce
·Nevada Lettuce
·Cherry Tomatoes     
·Yellow Squash
·Dark Green Lettuce

My little lettuce seedlings.

Talk about sprouts!! I’m not sure we have enough room for everything that grew! But I’m so excited! My hubby picked out all the organic seeds, and the seedlings look so green.

We're going to dig out the garden tomorrow (or Tuesday depending on the weather) and spread the compost next week. At the rate these little spouts are growing, we may have to spread the compost sooner. 

I'm craving salad just looking at all my little sprouts. Some of these little seedlings we're going to attempt to grow in containers. Since we live in Florida, hurricane season can pose a threat to our luscious little plants. I'm hoping we don't have to, but if we get a hurricane, at least we'll be able to bring some inside instead of attempting to replant them in containers before a storm hits.

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