Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Favorite Lunch

I've never been one to try new things, until I met my husband. I was pretty boring. I liked my routines, and I ate the same TV dinners every night (for the 3 months after my divorce) and I was happy with that. When I met my husband I was inspired to start trying new things. He's from Maine, so he's used to eating a variety of foods and when we went vegetarian I had to get creative with dinners. Lunch tends to be pretty simple for me, and while salad is nothing new, I thought I'd do a post on this because my hubby, once again, turned me on to something new... Sunflower Seeds.

I've eaten sunflower seeds before, but I'd never put them on salads. This was my first salad ever with the little seeds as a topping. This salad was made in about 5 minutes, and includes: broccoli, green leaf lettuce, cauliflower, green onions and sunflower seeds (yes, I LOVE broccoli and cauliflower raw, I actually hate it cooked). I used Ken's Buttermilk ranch dressing, but sparingly (we're trying to use up the stuff that isn't vegan rather than wasting it and money is tight, so we have to wait to replenish our stocks!)

This was the BEST Salad I have ever eaten. I didn't know sunflower seeds could add such flavor! Well, now I'm hooked, I've been researching recipes that use sunflower seeds for about 2 hours now. So my next blog post should include some yummy recpies with my new favorite ingredient!

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