Friday, September 9, 2011

The First

I haven't been vegetarian for very long, just about 6 months and have just recently found an interest in Veganism. I went vegetarian for the health benefits. 

I suffer from high blood pressure, migraines, osteoarthritis and generalized anxiety disorder. I was also quite overweight. I was 250lbs, and only 5'9" tall. I was pretty depressed about my weight, and I knew I had to do something about it. 

I started working out in November 2010 when the Kinect came out for the Xbox 360. The game Your Shape Fitness Evolved came out shortly thereafter, and I got my hands on it for $20! (These games are usually $59.99!) 

I was psyched, I immediately started working out daily with the "game" (see my other blog, My Kinect Weight Loss Success Story) and the results were quickly realized. My energy levels after about 2 weeks of daily workouts were much higher than they had been. I felt great. My chronic pain was much more manageable.

I started doing a lot of research on vegetarianism, I felt drawn to it. I was never really big on meat, I only ate Beef and turkey, and the occasional chicken and bacon. I was very picky about the meat that I ate as well, if the steak was on the bone, I wouldn't eat it, if there was a gristle of fat, I'd cut it out. 

Needless to say my dog ate more of the meat than I did! So going vegetarian wasn't as hard for me as it might be for most. My hubby found it a bit more difficult I think. (We kinda tricked my daughter!) He did it for the ethical reasons, and the fact that most meat is contaminated by hormones and antibiotics. 

I agree with him, the way we treat animals is inhumane and the drugs and hormones we put in their food end up in our bodies as well, and that has to screw with our DNA. I know, vegetables are grown with pesticides, but we buy organic, and we grow some of our own.

I went to my family doctor in February and my blood pressure (with medication) was 136/94. The 94 worried him. I have to admit, it was high. I'd never had any trouble with my blood pressure until I got pregnant with my daughter and then it just never went back down. 

I now believe that was due to the fact that I had put on an extra 40lbs bringing me up to 250. I went back to my doctor in July and asked my doctor about increasing the dosage on my medication. I had lost 70lbs by then, and my blood pressure in the afternoon was 134/72! 

My doctor said if I stayed on the diet and lost a few more pounds, I may not need the meds at all. I went back 2 days later to get my female checkup and I had worked out that morning. My blood pressure that morning was AMAZING!! It was 104/72! That is a testament to how much exercise can lower your blood pressure!

This blog is going to be all about my journey through vegetarianism. I'm finding more and more recipes and I want to journal all about them. I'm also leaning toward going vegan, and I want to journal my thoughts about why, and what type of research I've found. 

I'm an ophthalmic technician by trade, so I have a background in medicine. My specialty in ophthalmology was pharmaceuticals, and I really want to go back to school for molecular biology. 

This blog will be an explanation of the chemical and biological reasons for becoming vegetarian, and I'll do it in layman's terms. In my mind, things have to make logical sense, and veganism is quite logical to me. 

I've recently been laid off, so I now have more time to devote to research and blogging. I'll also be posting the recipes I use, and how they turned out! Yes, complete with pictures!

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